Timeless Poses

My formal training is in Educational Technology and I work as an Instructional Designer for a local University. However, I have a passion for Photography and Videography. I would like to develop my current hobby into a possible living as time passes.

My passion developed after years of seeing what my father captured in his photographs. Through his pictures of wildlife, landscapes, and sports I could live and relive what he took time to notice in the world.

In much the same way my father did, I use photography to remember things that I have seen and want to share with others. I will often take photos of somewhat abstract or “off-the-wall” items that I find interesting.

What does this mean for you? Well, I have set out to freeze moments in time by capturing any pose that I can catch. In much the same way as writers, poets, and musicians seek to evoke feelings and reactions through their respective media; I seek to share captured images with those that are interested.